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    Vinyl Vibrator

    Vinyl Vibrator

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    Ladies a penis that will have you gyrating and bucking your way to orgasm is waiting here just for you Here we have a super sensational flesh coloured penis shaped vinyl vibrator which is just like the real thing. It is slightly larger than the average penis at 8 inches of pleasing length it is multispeed with good power with an average noise level and is great value to reach your orgasm and is easy to use and keep clean. The sensations you will receive as you plunge this vibrator deep into your vagina or anus will drive you wild with orgasmic pleasures you will eagerly thrust and hump you way towards a great body trembling climax in no time at all Penetration Passionate pleasures

    Size: 8 Inches
    Color: Flesh
    Flexibility: Firm
    Controller: Built In
    Designed for: Men and Women
    Brand: Delta Sex Toys

    Price:  €9,95

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